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Jungle Gym: Our Kids' Playground!


Jungle Gym provides soft-mat material flooring and gymnastic indoor playground equipment to encourage our toddlers and pre-schoolers to play in a safe and conducive environment. Children get to develop balancing and motoring skills in this area. Transparent wide glass windows allow parents to peek through the panels while their children are having fun playing in the Jungle Gym. This is the place for our usual morning workout routines and we just added a huge playpan for our little gems to have a splashing good time in!


Computer Lab


The school offers a computer lab to allow our IntelliGems to have an opportunity to explore and develop their media skills. Several laptops and projectors are available for young children to create e-books, pictures, programming and other forms of interactive engagement. It is our belief that computers are useful tools to enhance our little gems' learning experiences!


Aquatic Environment


A semestral swimming programme is strongly encouraged for kindergarteners in Little Gems. We believe that swimming is an essential skill that children of the right age should develop. Professional coaches will be engaged to instill in our children water confidence and learn to be an independent swimmer. Progression is made at the child’s pace with the coach carefully monitoring to ensure that safety is not compromised at any time. We hope that through a healthy sport activity such as swimming, our little gems will be able to learn an essential life-skill and also gain invaluable traits such as tenacity and bravery!

Little Gems Schoolbus

The school offers a school-bus service to shuttle our children home for a fee but more than that, our schoolbus allows us to bring our little gems on weekly outdoor activities to areas near us such as outings to the community library and public parks. This enable our kids to have a full experiential learning experience beyond the four walls of our cosy preschool!

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