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Core Values


Our little Gems are believed to be the future servant leaders of the next generation. Hence, our goal is to develop and strengthen our Gems’ character by imparting the following values and principles and by role-modeling.


  1. Grit:  Where our Gems learn to put in their best effort, persevere and not give up.

  2. Empathy: Where our Gems learn to be considerate and respectful of others and become a compassionate individual in the community.

  3. Meekness: A quality which every Gem must nurture, know his strength but remain humble and modest.

  4. Steadfastness: An attribute that every Gem will foster the courage to stand for what is right and do the right thing.


As children are innately curious, our belief is not one of putting in, but one of pulling out. We seek to create an environment that allows every child to always inquire and form their own opinion and conclusion. Every child will grow in his/her desire to learn, eventually, discover their passion and pursue their dreams. As such, the teacher’s role is to observe, facilitate and guide the child according to our principles and values.

Confidence is the driving force that boost a child’s desire to learn and grow. Little Gems under our care will become confident communicators who are articulate and fluent. They will be able to use languages to express their thoughts and ideas clearly to their peers and even adults. Our Gems will be compassionate towards others and thus have the courage to stand up for what is right; yet remain humble and modest.

A young child is egoist in nature and thinks that the world revolves around him. In Little Gems, we encourage our Gems to not only seek to grow himself / herself, but endeavours to shape and impact his/her spheres of influence and the community through learning to empathise others while working together. The child is a team player who knows that he/she cannot work alone to accomplish tasks. He actively contributes to his family, to school, to the community and his country and sees this as his responsibility.

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