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Mission & Philosophy



To provide a holistic education and care in a safe and respectful environment, which seeks to empower every child to become a curious learner and confident speaker, imbued with strong character to guide and prepare him in serving the community.


Holistic development emphasizes the importance of physical, emotional and psychological well-being of children. To support such development of a child, Little Gems Preschool educators are committed to:


  • build trusting relationships

  • recognize the child’s interest

  • create an engaging environment

  • ask open-ended questions



In Little Gems, we believe that children are born to be tenacious, interested, capable and curious. They learn the best working with other children, family, teachers, and the community. As such, Little Gems strive to create an environment where every child under our care will have diverse learning opportunities.


Quoted by Reggio-Emilia, children possess 100 languages, through which they are expressed in the way they move, draw, paint, build, sculpt, do collages, act, sing and play music etc. Thus, Little Gems believes in a whole-child approach that focused on doing rather than listening. We emphasize values, environment, and child-centered learning. To do so, a child must interact with his/her environment. We train our teachers to successfully carry out the lessons and create the environment to ensure that our children are exposed to various learning opportunities.

Our Motto

Little Gems Preschool, a Great Place to Grow!



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