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Little Gems Preschool (Childcare) at Redhill and Bukit Merah

An award winning boutique preschool (childcare services) located just a few minutes' drive away from Redhill MRT station, nestled within the beautiful estates of Lengkok Bahru, Redhill Close and Rumah Tinggi; we have been serving the Redhill, Bukit Merah and Alexandra Road community around us. (Bus services are provided too) 

In Little Gems Preschool, we strive to provide a holistic education and care in a safe and respectful environment, which seeks to empower every child to become a curious learner and confident speaker, imbued with strong character to guide and prepare him in serving the community.

Our mantra is simple: All children love to learn when learning makes sense for them.  


Little Gems’ awarding-winning curriculum framework (voted by Parentsworld Magazine 2019 as the best-specialised-curriculum-to-develop-confidence-for-risk-taking!) is organized by using six developmental domains of integrated learning, namely:


  • Language and Literacy – ABC Gems

  • Numeracy – 123 Gems

  • Discovery of the world – Explorer Gems

  • Motor Development – Groovy Gems

  • Social and emotional development – Life Gems

  • Aesthetic and creative development – Picasso Gems

Virtual Tour

If you would like to take a virtual tour of our Redhill-Alexandra Preschool Campus, please feel free to click here.

Contact Us

If you wish to find out more about our Redhill/Alexandra Preschool Campus and our programmes, we would like to invite you to schedule a visit with us today!

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